Zipper house, Lachish (Israel)


The challenge in this scheme was to add a second house to the site in such a way that both  will create an assembly of space and activity between the two families and still allow division and privacy.
The building is aligned with the south edge of the site and row of palm trees.   On the north side it is aligned with the existing  house.   Because of this, it functions as a zipper between these elements.



On the ground floor  the building mass ‘climbs’ from west to east and on the first floor from east to west.    By doing so, it creates a shaded outside space to the south and an open balcony to the north.
To allow the most privacy, the house is organized as 3 independent private units (parents, kids and guests)  which is surrounded by the public space.



Program . residential 
Client . fam. Yaron
Size . 180 sq. meters
Status . completed 2013
Team . Ranny Shor, Yael Gold



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