Chess duplex, Brummen (Netherlands)

The available site has been divided into six narrow rows in order to give each one of the dwellings their own view of the lake. The units are positioned in a ‘chess-pattern’ so all facades stay free.

The aim of the design was to build dwellings with an added spatial quality and stay within the average budget. In order to accomplish this, total floor area could not exceed the average floor area of the average home in the Netherlands. The dwellings have an economical width of 5.60 meters. However, the dividing wall between the dwellings of the duplex is serrated. By doing this, the diagonal view line gets longer prompting the dwelling to look bigger and more spatial, thus adding to the spatial quality. All this is done without exceeding the built area.
This also means that some dwellings have a wider facade to the south than its opposing facade while the other dwellings to the north are just as wide as the south side. The dwelling with the wide façade to the south (and the sun) has a living room on ground floor facing the garden, while the dwelling with the wider façade to the north has a living room on the first floor facing the view to the lake.
Another quality which differs between dwellings is that while one has a roof top with a balcony (as a second floor), the other dwelling has a wide hybrid corridor on the first floor with a higher flat roof and windows. One of the (kids) sleeping rooms can be opened by a big sliding door which creates a big playing space on the first floor during the day.
Using sustainable materials such as ceramic (dark grey) tiles, light gray concrete bricks and aluminium windows contributes to less maintenance for this building. Carports, garbage area, (bicycle) storage and paving are also an integral part of the comprehensive design.

Program Urban plan for 6 duplexes, 2 private residences
Client . Ribbers Contractors
Size . 334 sq. m
Status . completed 1997
Team . Willeke Rotteveel, Ari Mashiah


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