Desert Cooler - Town hall, Eilat (Israel)

A Town hall is a symbol of the city and it's uniqueness. A town's square is 'the' gathering place of the community. It is the 'temple' of secular life.

The city hall and square are more than just a bureaucratic center, it is the place where citizens interact  with the local authority .
Eilat is unique for it's extreme climate. High temperatures and drought makes day-to-day living difficult in the open air space. In addition, Eilat is a city of domestic and international tourism – with almost half the people being visitors or seasonal residents; a fact which might cause transient feelings and irrelevance by the city residents.
The design creates a iconic building which is conceived as the city's symbol. The inner court of the building (the atrium) is an "air conditioned" city-square which functions as the "lobby" for the city hall as well.  This atrium is built as the "urban living room" and combines the lives of both the building and the city. The open square is suited for large and small occasions. The area east to the building is used for crowd gathering while the square / lobby area is used as a "stage".
Program . city hall
Client . Eilat municipality
Size . 11,500 sq. m.
Status . competition 2009
Team . Shachar Butkin, Ranny Shor



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