The House In The Lake, Ramat Gan


The house in the lake is the ICON of the national park, and a climax point in the visitors experience from near and far. The house is used as a FOCAL POINT – it allows a surprising vantage point to the lake and park.

The design is based on accessibility that invites the general public as a part of the visit and wander in the park (not only for catering and culture)

A restoration process of the building, seeks to meet the up-to-date requirements such as: floor heights, additional program, regulations and construction adaptation of the new additions, as an opportunity to create an open public space, amplifying the house-boat lake sensation, and enriching the linger experience and the movement above, in and under the water.

This open public space surrounds the existing building, from the water to the observation deck on the roof, and is built as a light construction addition and a glass envelope, that traces the route of the existing structure. This continuous spiral trajectory corresponds with the image of the staircase adjacent to the ship, and allows diverse view points from the water's surface to the tree tops.    

Program . restaurant and concert hall 
Client . Municipality of Ramat Gan 
Size . 605 sq. meters
Status . competition 2019
Team . Izzy Michael, Yaniv Hatiel, Gili Keselman 



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