Extension for Alvar Aalto museum competition (Finland)

The extension program is divided along 3 gateways. Each part connects different indoor and outdoor spaces of both museums.

Each gateway is a part of a separate route between the museums, which allows weaving the formal exhibition with the ‘informal’ exhibition of the shop, and, simultaneously, allowing the shop to be an autonomous route.

The square of the cafeteria and Alvar Aalto's fountain between the two museums, becomes the entrance. The shop has a northern view down the topography, and the offices area enjoys light from the west, and a green view toward the forest.  

A ‘tree’ like structure enables having an open ground floor. It provides a green outdoor route between both parts of the university, connects north and south areas of the site, as well as the parking lots.

The building skin is made of wooden lath, which creates defused view between inside and outside world, conserving the sensation of being a part of the open space between the museums.

The light that enters through the openings in the roof is reflected on the open fanted walls. The encounter of manipulated light, wood and glass, gives a rich variety of light and space quality, which is the essence for Aalto’s work.

Program . Museum 
Client . Alvar Aalto Museum
Size . 280 sq. meters
Status . competition 2015
Team . Yaniv Hatiel, Shir Kimhi, Eve Fruehling, Ranny Shor



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