Artist Studio, Jaffa (Israel)

The renovation of this space took in consideration the request of the client (an artist-photographer) to use it both for living and working. The original walls were removed except for the area which became the sleeping room and bathroom.

A 'black box' stands in the middle of the public space, dividing it into three parts: living, working and kitchen.

A lower ceiling in which all air-conditioning and pipes are located. cross the apartment, making the main walking axis of the space and at the same time alludes to the division between the working area and the living area.

The big windows are equipped with an active sunscreen system, which allows control of the range and intensity of the light entering the space.

The monochromatic color scheme gives a neutral serenity to the studio, while the glossy finish to the floor and furniture enriches the quality of light in the studio.



Program . residential 
Client . 
David Adika
Size . 
80 sq. meters
Status . completed 2013
Team . Yael Gold


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