Tachkemony School, Tiberias (Israel)


The city of Tiberius lies in Northern Israel along the shores of the sea of Galilee. The city was established over 2000 years ago, and became a spiritual and educational center of the Jewish people. Until the 20th century the city was characterized by a casbah urban fabric with densely built basalt houses  and communal courtyards.

New buildings and urban transformations of the 1930's and 1960's created a disintegrated city fabric. The Tachkemony school compound is an opportunity to link the city's past with a sustainable future through the creation and reconstruction of an urban public space.



This project offers a building that is an inherent part of the neighborhood's children, the city inhabitants as well as external visitors through the following plan objectives:

1. Creating an experienced based learning space.

2. Preservation of the urban spacial character of the city of Tiberius.

3. Creating a Social and gathering center for a wide range of people during various hours of the day.

4. Establishing principals of the Maimonides legacy for a sustainable future.


Program .  Elementry School
Client . Tiberias municipality
Size . 2,550 sq. m.
Status . competition 2012 (1st prize winner)
Team .  Dalia Munenzon, Yael Gold, Ofir Menachem






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