Eco house, Hengelo (Netherland)

The central theme of this project is the optimal use of natural resources. The organization of this house follows the letter L shapes and as a result it gives a long diagonal perspective view as well to the interior space and the yard. Each room in this house is oriented towards the south or west so the energy of the sun can warm them. Rain water from the roof gets collected into a reservoir which is used as a little water basin for leisure.

The living room on the ground floor is connected to the yard, while the rest of the house is divided on two floors - one half level beneath and one half level above ground floor.  The lower level has parking and storage areas which also act as a thermal buffer to the level with sloping rooms above them.
Program . substainable house
Client . Ribbers Contractors Ltd.
Size163 sq. m.
Status . competition 1999

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