Beam house, Arbel (Israel)

This home has been designed for a client who wished to build his home next to his farm.  The design combines some of the utilitarian images of the agriculture buildings in that area with the fascination to the ‘beams’ construction of a ‘country home’.

The house is divided in three parallel strips: private, semi private and public. By doing so, the possibility exists to have the one (living) part with the (northern) light open to the yard and the view.  The pirvate (southern) part is closed by concrete walls. Between the public and semi public spaces stands a thick wall which contains the utilities such as the air conditioning system, storage spaces, toilets, etc. 
The beams of the roof rests on that ‘central concrete wall’ and candeliver to the living area. This keeps the northern glass façade free of columns.  The area between the private and public area of the house becomes kind of a shaded ‘outside space’ which is also the entrance axis for the house.

Program . residential
Client .
Fam. Sondak
Size . 
180 sq. meters
Status . completed 2010
Team . Shachar Butkin



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